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The menus are organized hierarchically.

Since each of the 525 chapters is a separate page, they load very fast.

There are no Translations

You will notice that the chapters of the Mishnah, as well as the menus, which are in Hebrew,  are embedded in a Hebrew page. There are links on the Hebrew page that lead to articles in Hebrew. They are not translations of the English articles that you can access from here; they are independent articles. There are no translations of articles on the site. What appears in English, only appears in English, and what appears in Hebrew, only appears in Hebrew.

Color Coding

Color Code

About a hundred chapters of The Structured Mishnah are color-coded. The color-coding emphasizes the linguistic "hooks" that provide the guidelines for formatting the chapters according to their internal structures. All of Seder Zeraim, and much of Seder Nezikin are color-coded, as well as a few other selected chapters. 

The Structured Mishnah


Articles about the Structured Mishnah

An Introduction to The Structured Mishnah.html

An Introduction to The Structured Mishnah.pdf

This introduction (in HTML) explains the unique characteristics of The Structured Mishnah. Through several examples, it demonstrates that the individual chapters were originally conceived as tables. The Structured Mishnah reproduces this format for each of the chapters of the Mishnah.

The Art of Writing the Oral Tradition

This is an expansion of the Maharal's approach to the pairs structure in the first chapter of Masechet Avot. It demonstrates how the non-linear structure of the Mishnah contains within it additional layers of meaning.

Full Text of The Structured Mishnah

The Complete Structured Mishnah.pdf

The above link will download the entire Structured Mishnah in PDF format. It contains an index of tractates as well as the Color Code.

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